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Paper Bands for Money

Printable Banknote Banding Machine
The technology combines thermal printing and banknote binding by secure currency management. In printing technology the system is capable of printing machine readable barcode, together with the bank name, logo image, operator ID, denomination and date/time. This offers the possibility of both human and machine identification of banknote bundles.

- Highest security level(Pin-code type log-on)
- Low cost maintenance by TPH type
- Automatic starting the compulsory excretion mode when the machine is not using for a long time while the machine power is on.
- When another operator is using the machine, pre-printed paper strap will be drawn off automatically.
- Easy select for print lay out.
- Selectable 40 or 30mm machine.

Banding Speed - Up to 20 banding cycles per minute Operation
- Heat Sealing System
- Automatic printing of 4~5 lines document after banding
- Operator Panel LCD Display
- RS232 port, USB Interface and memory for data transfer from PC
Banding Size Banknote strap with 100 banknotes (Paper width 30 or 40 mm)
Integrated Printer
- Thermal print Head type
- 1~5 lines print with each up to 20 characters
- Print occurs during the take-out the strap in real time
- Printed Date and Time is generated by the machine
- 2D Bar-code (Option)
Power 24V STANBY 3.5W, MAX 100W
and weight
- 272 x 261 x 395 mm (Length x Width x Height)
- 10 kg
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Printable Banknote Banding Machine
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