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Money Counterfeit detector Machine

Counterfeit detector
CV 705S
Conterfeit detector can prevent front office accidents by detecting precisely and fastly counterfeiting of various documents such as banknote, bill, certificate, passport, lottery, governmentbond, etc.

1. Seethrough and watermark detection
when lighted, watermarks around the bank mark appear.
[counterfeit money] If watermark doesn't look natural nor appear, check the other counterfeit protection factors.

2. Zoom for micro lettering detection
In true money, you can see small letters through the x2 zoom lens.
[counterfeit noney] When a letter looks like a line or dot, or not clear, then check more the other counterfeit protection factors.

3. UV fluorescent detection
When shed on with ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, a fluorescence peculiar color different from the original one appears.
* a counterfeit prevention technique, colorless fluorescent ink can be used through the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp.

- Detecting precisely and fastly counterfeits of various documents such as banknote, bill, certificates, passport, lottery, government bond, etc.
- Easy to control by controlling all the operation through one power switch and one 3-step detection control switch.
- Detect fastly and precisely by applying each nation's detection technique.

exterior Case Plate
Zoom Lens 110(W) * 65(H) t=15mm (X2 zoom)
Power S/W 10A 250V
Lottery S/W 3 floor
interior UV Lamp F4T5 BLB
fluorescent lamp F4T5 D
Fuse 5A
Pwer source 220V 60Hz FL10W
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